Adult EEG:
An Interactive Reading Session

Second Edition

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The Adult EEG App
A Look Inside the Features


Practice Interpreting EEGs
Learn to interpret EEGs with over 200 practice cases. Each case has question and answer slides that present a scenario, explain the answer to the question, and highlight the relevant pattern of the EEG that leads to the answer.

Adult EEG Practice Questions




Adult EEG Quiz and Feedback

Quiz Yourself and Receive Feedback
This 30-question quiz is designed to test your knowledge of EEGs and trending EEGs. Each question includes a discussion of all possible answers, ensuring that you understand the rationale behind every right (and wrong) answer.




Search for EEGs with the Keyword Index
If you are having trouble with a specific neurologic pathology, use the Keyword Index feature to find all EEG cases and questions related to that pathology.

Adult EEG Keyword Index



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Adult EEG Digital Downloads
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Adult EEG digital download


Now available as downloadable software for PC and Mac, this fully interactive tool has been completely updated, remastered, and expanded in its second edition with many new cases and questions and an improved user interface.

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About Adult EEG


Adult EEG


Designed to simulate an actual EEG lab reading session, Adult EEG teaches EEG interpretation across the spectrum of neurologic pathologies in adults.

  • - 200+ cases with over 600 EEGs
  • - Self-testing section to reinforce learning
  • - New module devoted to quantitative EEG (QEEG) studies and trending
  • - EEGs of neurologic pathologies including epilepsy, encephalopathies, stroke, degenerative disorders, comatose states, and more