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Quiz Yourself with Case Scenarios
Each question is framed within a case vignette relevant to the particular theme of the quiz. These cases are supported by images, videos, and waveforms, helping you select correct answers to quiz questions. 

Quiz Cases and Questions




Discussion and Answers

Learn More in the Discussion Section
Each question includes a discussion section to help you fully understand the proposed scenario. Author Devon Rubin, MD, provides the discussion of each case and explanation of the answer.




Create Your Custom Quiz
Having trouble with specific topics or themes? No problem! The quiz menu allows you to build individualized quizzes that focus on topics of their choosing. Simply select the topics you want to learn better to build your unique quiz.

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About Learn EMG
The Fully Interactive Electrodiagnostic Learning Tool


Learn EMG, the DVD


Using an interactive quiz approach, Learn EMG teaches basic concepts and interpretation of electrodiagnostic findings in patients with a variety of neuromuscular conditions

  • 200 examples of normal and abnormal findings
  • More than 400 images and 90 videos
  • 10 quiz sets with 20 multiple-choice questions, case vignettes, waveforms, audio/video clips, and more
  • Concise explanation and discussion of the findings
  • Trackable progress through mastery of each subject and question