Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring

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Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring

SKU# 9781936287390

Suzette LaRoche MD

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    The emerging technology of continuous EEG monitoring in intensive care units gives practitioners the ability to identify malignant EEG patterns quickly and provide more effective care. Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring encompasses the wide range of technical and clinical issues involved in the successful monitoring of critically ill patients to detect significant changes in cerebral function and prevent serious neuronal injury. Divided into five sections, the handbook covers EEG acquisition and other technical considerations, clinical indications, EEG interpretation, appropriate treatment, and practical and administrative concerns.

    The book addresses the often overlooked subjects of billing, coding, and generating reports to facilitate communication across the entire ICU team. Written by leading experts in this rapidly evolving field, the chapters are brief and formatted for maximum utility with bulleted text, pearls, and take-home points to reinforce key information. High-quality examples of routine and quantitative EEG findings help users hone their interpretive understanding and build skills for detecting clinically significant EEG changes in the ICU.

    Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring Features:

    • Broad but practical reference covering all aspects of ICU EEG monitoring
    • Thorough discussion of the indications for ICU EEG monitoring and prevalence of seizures in patient subgroups
    • Focus on the challenges of EEG interpretation that are unique to EEG monitoring in the ICU
    • Pearls and take-home points highlighted in every chapter
    • Includes hard-to-find information on technical aspects, indications, billing and coding, and other administrative and procedural concerns

    Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring is the first practical but comprehensive resource dedicated to the art and science of EEG monitoring in the ICU. Neurologists, neurointensivists, neurosurgeons, nursing staff, EEG technologists, and anyone caring for critically patients will find pertinent and pivotal information to inform their practice.


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    • Publication Date December 20, 2012
    • Page Count 360
    • Product Form Paperback / softback
    • ISBN 13 9781936287390
    • EISBN 9781617050787

    Table of Contents

    "Preface, Suzette M. LaRoche; Part 1: Technical Issues: Chapter 1: EEG Acquisition Equipment, Susan T. Herman; Chapter 2: Electrodes and Montages, John Ives; Chapter 3: Networking and Remote Monitoring, Andrew Ehrenberg; Chapter 4: Data Storage, Andrew Ehrenberg; Chapter 5: Staffing an ICU Monitoring Unit, Leisha Osborne; Part 2: Indications: Chapter 6: Status Epilepticus, Tom Bleck; Chapter 7: Ischemic Stroke, Wendy Wright; Chapter 8: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Adam Webb; Chapter 9: Intracranial Hemorrhage, Lori Shutter; Chapter 10: Encephalitis, Jerzy Szflarski; Chapter 11: Traumatic Brain Injury, William Freeman; Chapter 12: Therapeutic HypothermiaóAdults, Ram Mani; Chapter 13: Therapeutic HypothermiaóPediatrics, Nicholas S. Abend; Chapter 14: Prognosis, Leslie Rudzinski; Chapter 15: EEG Monitoring in the Medical ICU, Stephen Hantus; Chapter 16: Special Considerations for Pediatric Patients, Cecil Hahn; Chapter 17: Special Consideration for Neonatal Patients, Tammy Tsuchida; Part 3: EEG Interpretation: Chapter 18: ACNS Research Terminology, Elizabeth Gerard; Chapter 19: Encephalopathy and Coma, Dan Friedman; Chapter 20: Periodic Lateralized Discharges, Elizabeth Gerard; Chapter 21 Generalized Periodic Discharges, Nathan Fountain; Chapter 22: The Ictal-Interictal Continuum, Suzette M. LaRoche; Chapter 23: Non-convulsive Status Epilepticus, Frank Drislane; Chapter 24: Post-anoxic Encephalopathy, Elizabeth Waterhouse; Chapter 25: EEG Correlates of Ischemia, William Tatum; Chapter 26: Common artifacts in the ICU, Sarah Schmitt; Chapter 27: Quantitative EEG Basic Principles, Saurabh Sinha; Chapter 28: Quantitative EEG Clinical ApplicationóSeizures, Saurabh Sinha; Chapter 29: Quantitative EEG Clinical ApplicationóIschemia, Susan T. Herman; Part 4: Treatment: Chapter 30: Generalized Convulsive Status Epilepticus, Aatif Husain; Chapter 31: Non-convulsive Status Epilepticus, Peter Kaplan; Chapter 32: Status Epilepticus in the Pediatric Population, James Riviello; Chapter 33: Alternative Treatments for Refractory Status Epilepticus, Larry Hirsch; Chapter 34: Prophylaxis of Seizures in the ICU Population, Gretchen Brophy; Part 5: Additional Considerations: Chapter 35: Billing and Coding, Marc Nuwer; Chapter 36: Report Generation and Communication with ICU Team, Stephen Hantus; Chapter 37: Multimodality Monitoring and Depth Electrodes, Jan Claassen; Chapter 38: Future Directions, Larry Hirsch"