Acute Leukemia

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Acute Leukemia

SKU# 9781620701003

An Illustrated Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

Ashkan Emadi MD, PhD
Judith E. Karp MD

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    Acute Leukemia: An Illustrated Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment provides a comprehensive and concise visual reference on acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) seen in children and adults.

    This book addresses all aspects of AML and ALL including their risk factors, cytogenetics and mutational characteristics, diagnoses, clinical management and prognoses which are imperative and challenging for medical students, residents, hematology and medical oncology fellows, and even community oncologists and hematologists. It presents complex information relying predominantly on pictorial depictions rather than traditional text in a visually instructive format. It replaces the wordiness of a traditional textbook with original and adapted illustrations, instructive schemata and diagrams, photomicrographs, tables, detailed figure legends, and practical, ‘bite-sized’ text. The result is a visually engaging book that is easy to read, review, and remember.

    Crafted by world experts in the field, this digestible volume provides you with the must-know information that you can utilize when encountering AML and ALL patients who require immediate attention. Whether you are an early-career practitioner looking for quick guidance to managing a deadly disease or you are a seasoned clinician looking for a quick review of treatment protocols, this engaging format provides a unique and ‘go-to’ resource.


    • Contains over 40 tables and over 220 illustrations, histologic photomicrographs, flow diagrams, graphs, and schemata with detailed figure legends
    • Presents complex scientific aspects such as cytogenetics and molecular mutations in a visually digestible and easy-to-understand format
    • Provides helpful and evidence-based treatment recommendations when providing induction therapy, consolidation therapy, and bone marrow transplantation
    • Includes unique chapters on managing psychosexual issues accompanying AML and ALL treatment as well as on the FDA drug development and clinical trial design process
    • Includes digital access to the ebook as well as an online Image Bank

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    • Publication Date July 17, 2017
    • Page Count 376
    • Product Form Hardback
    • ISBN 13 9781620701003
    • EISBN

    Table of Contents





    1. Epidemiology

    Ashkan Emadi, Farin Kamangar, and Judith E. Karp

    2. Diagnosis

    Clinical Manifestations of Acute Leukemia

    Daniel L. Duncan, Nathan D. Montgomery, Matthew C. Foster, and Joshua F. Zeidner

    Pathology, Classification, and Methodologies


    Zeba N. Singh and Qing C. Chen

    Classification of AML

    Zeba N. Singh and Qing C. Chen

    Classification of ALL

    Zeba N. Singh and Qing C. Chen

    Classical Genetics

    Ying Zou and Yi Ning

    Modern Molecular Genetics

    Parvez M. Lokhandwala and Christopher D. Gocke

    Molecular Mutations in AML

    Catherine Lai


    Mark J. Levis


    Joshua F. Zeidner

    Ras/Raf/MEK/ERK Pathways

    Frank McCormick


    Alexander E. Perl

    PI3K/AKT/mTOR Pathway

    Mohamed Rahmani and Steven Grant


    Chandrima Sinha, Lea C. Cunningham, and Paul P. Liu


    Peter D. Aplan


    Alan D. Friedman


    Dennis D. Hickstein


    Timothy J. Ley and David H. Spencer

    TET and IDH

    Amir T. Fathi


    Sheenu Sheela, John Barrett, and Catherine Lai

    ASXL1 and EZH2

    Lizamarie Bachier-Rodriguez and Joseph M. Scandura


    Ling Li and Guido Marcucci


    Sami N. Malek

    Secondary AML (s-AML)

    R. Coleman Lindsley

    MicroRNAs: Networks in Acute Leukemia

    Lukasz P. Gondek and Gabriel Ghiaur

    Prognostic Implication of Mutational Interplay

    Ashkan Emadi and Judith E. Karp

    Molecular Mutations in ALL

    Kristen O’Dwyer and Anjali Advani

    3. Therapy

    Management of Early Crisis


    Heather J. Male and Tara Lin

    Tumor Lysis and Cytokine Release Syndromes

    Ashkan Emadi and Judith E. Karp

    Febrile Neutropenia

    Judith E. Karp

    Treatment of AML in Adults

    AML Treatment in Younger Patients

    Joshua F. Zeidner and Matthew C. Foster

    AML Treatment in Older Patients

    Houman Nourkeyhani and Eunice S. Wang

    Treatment of Relapsed/Refractory AML

    Mark R. Litzow and Selina M. Luger

    Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL)

    Aziz Nazha, Steven D. Gore, and Amer Methqal Zeidan


    Fundamentals of Epigenetics

    Monica Reddy Muppidi, Priyank P. Patel, Adam R. Karpf, and Elizabeth A. Griffiths

    Clonal Evolution and Treatment of Secondary AML and MDS/AML

    Vu H. Duong and Amer Methqal Zeidan

    Treatment of ALL in Adults

    Matthew J. Wieduwilt

    Risk Stratification

    General Therapeutic Principles

    Relapsed/Refractory ALL


    Treatment of AML in Children/Adolescents

    Jessica Knight-Perry and Lia Gore

    De Novo AML


    AML With Trisomy 21

    Relapsed/Refractory AML

    Common Complications and Supportive Care

    Indication for Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant

    Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Patients With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and Lymphoblastic Lymphoma: Epidemiology, Survival Trends, and Optimal Therapy

    Archie Bleyer

    Treatment of ALL in Children and Adolescents

    Susan R. Rheingold and Stephen P. Hunger

    Prognostic Indicators/Risk Stratification

    ALL Therapy

    Radiation Therapy


    Infant ALL

    Down Syndrome-Associated ALL

    Philadelphia Chromosome Positive (Ph+) and Philadelphia Chromosome-Like ALL

    Targeted Therapies

    Relapsed/Refractory ALL

    Indications for Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant

    4. Allogeneic Transplant in Adults and Children for AML and ALL

    Allen R. Chen, Gordon Cohen, Sawa Ito, Heather Symons, and Nancy M. Hardy

    5. Measurable (Minimal) Residual Disease

    The Mechanics of Quantized Hematopoiesis

    Michael R. Loken

    Fundamentals of Quantitative Antigen Expression

    Maturation in Hematopoiesis is Characterized by Quantized Steps

    Neoplastic Transformation Results in Disruption of Maturation


    Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL): An Important Prognostic Indicator and Efficacy/Response Biomarker in Children and Adults

    Gregory H. Reaman and Franklin O. Smith III

    Clinical Significance of MRD Detection

    Role of MRD as a Drug Development Tool in ALL

    Sequence-Specific MRD for ALL

    Aaron C. Logan

    Measurable Residual Disease for AML

    Christopher S. Hourigan and Aaron C. Logan

    6. Psychosexual Aspects of Management of Acute Leukemia

    Nancy Corbitt and Trisha Kendall

    7. Chemotherapeutic Agents for Treatment of AML and ALL

    Ashkan Emadi, Noa G. Holtzman, Matthew J. Wieduwilt, and Judith E. Karp

    8. New Therapeutic Targets for Acute Leukemia

    Stem Cells

    Craig T. Jordan and Daniel A. Pollyea

    Exploiting the DNA Damage Response and Repair Pathways

    Ivana Gojo, Keith W. Pratz, and Judith E. Karp

    Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase (PARP): An Intriguing Molecular Target for Leukemia

    Targeting Tumor Metabolism for Treatment of Acute Leukemia

    Firas El Chaer and Ashkan Emadi

    Mechanisms of Drug Resistance in Acute Leukemia

    Maria R. Baer


    Gabriel Ghiaur and Pamela S. Becker


    Hanna A. Knaus, Raúl Montiel Esparza, and Ivana Gojo

    9. Regulatory Considerations for the Practitioner

    Donna Przepiorka and Ann T. Farrell