Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice

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Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice

SKU# 9781620700976

Lisa H. Butterfield PhD
Howard L. Kaufman MD, FACS
Francesco M. Marincola MD, FACS

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    “Drs. Butterfield, Kaufman and Marincola on behalf of the SITC have created a comprehensive must-have resource covering the basic and translational science behind approved and investigational immune therapies, and disease-by-disease clinical application of the therapies, written by leaders in the field. The textbook will be highly valuable reading for those just entering the field and for experienced scientists and clinicians looking to expand their knowledge base.” —Mario Sznol, MD, Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology), Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut

    Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice, from the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC), is the authoritative reference on cancer immunobiology and the immunotherapy treatments that harness the immune system to combat malignant disease.

    Featuring five sections and over 50 chapters covering the Basic Principles of Tumor Immunology, Cancer Immunotherapy Targets and Classes, Immune Function in Cancer Patients, Disease-Specific Treatments and Outcomes, and Regulatory Aspects of Cancer Immunotherapy, this book covers all major topics that have shaped the development of immunotherapy and propelled it to its current place at the forefront of cancer treatment innovation.

    This volume is a comprehensive resource for oncologists and fellows, immunologists, cancer researchers, and related practitioners seeking understanding of the basic science and clinical applications of cancer immunotherapy. As well as presenting the evidence for immune-based cancer treatment, it positions immunotherapy in the context of other available cancer treatments and provides data on response rates, risks, and toxicities across a variety of diseases. Filled with detailed tables, and instructive illustrations, as well as key points for quick reference, Cancer Immunotherapy Principles and Practice simplifies a challenging and dynamic subject.


    • Clearly summarizes the basic principles and research supporting cancer immunotherapy clinical translation
    • Contains expert guidance and treatment strategies for all immunotherapy classes and agents, including cell-based therapies, monoclonal antibodies, cytokine therapies, checkpoint inhibitors, oncolytic viruses, adjuvant approaches, and treatment combinations
    • Includes expert perspectives from leading authorities in the field
    • Provides information on all FDA-approved immunotherapies, including clinical management and outcome data
    • Discusses clinical aspects of immunotherapy for individual cancer types, including melanoma and other skin cancers, lung cancers, gynecologic cancers, gastrointestinal cancers, hematologic cancers, genitourinary cancers, head and neck cancers, sarcomas, brain and other CNS cancers, breast cancer, and pediatric malignancies.
    • Explains regulatory aspects behind the development and approval of immunotherapy drugs
    • Includes Online Access to the Digital Book

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    • Publication Date July 03, 2017
    • Page Count 920
    • Product Form Hardback
    • ISBN 13 9781620700976
    • EISBN

    Table of Contents





    1. History of Cancer Immunotherapy

    William Kelly, Michael T. Lotze, and Michael B. Atkins


    Francesco M. Marincola

    2. Introduction to Basic Sciences—Cracking the Code of Cancer Immune Responsiveness and the Evolution of Cancer Biology

    Francesco M. Marincola and Michael T. Lotze

    3. Human Tumor Antigens Recognized by T Lymphocytes

    Orian Bricard, Nicolas van Baren, and Pierre G. Coulie

    4. HLA Class I Antigen-Processing Machinery in Cancer

    Lei Cai, Theodoros Michelakos, Teppei Yamada, Song Fan, Joseph H. Schwab, Cristina R. Ferrone, and Soldano Ferrone

    5. Systems Biology of T Cells

    David Furman

    6. Activation of CD4+ T Lymphocytes

    Abul K. Abbas and Lucy S. K. Walker

    7. Regulation of Cell-Mediated Immunity: The Biology of Checkpoints and Regulatory T Cells

    Lucy S. K. Walker and Abul K. Abbas

    8. The Role of Breg Cells in Modulating the Antitumor Immune Response

    Yu Zhang, Bonnie Blomberg, and Joseph D. Rosenblatt

    9. The Innate Immune System: Natural Killer Cells

    Julie Y. Djeu and Melba Marie Tejera

    10. The Innate Immune System: Macrophages

    Alberto Mantovani and Isabella Barajon

    11. Natural Killer Cell Effector Mechanisms Against Solid Tumors and Leukemias and Their Exploitation in Immunotherapy

    Andrea De Maria, Lorenzo Moretta, Gabriella Pietra, and Massimo Vitale

    12. Role of the Microbiota in Homeostasis, Carcinogenesis, and Therapy

    Ernesto Perez-Chanona and Giorgio Trinchieri

    13. Chemokines and Chemokine Receptors: Regulators of the Balance Between Antitumor and Protumor Immunity and Promising Targets in Cancer Immunotherapy

    Genyuan Zhu, Michelle M. Appenheimer, James J. Mulé, and Sharon S. Evans

    14. Role of the Tumor Microenvironment

    David H. Munn and Vincenzo Bronte


    Thomas F. Gajewski

    15. Introduction to Principles of Cancer Immunotherapy

    Thomas F. Gajewski

    16. Manipulating Innate Immune Pathways as Cancer Immunotherapy

    Thomas F. Gajewski

    17. Cancer Vaccines: Considerations of Antigen, Formulation, and Delivery

    Rachel Perret, Alena Donda, and Pedro Romero

    18. T Cell Modulatory Cytokines

    Emanuela Romano and Kim Margolin

    19. Adoptive T Cell Transfer

    Shivani Srivastava, Alexander I. Salter, and Stanley R. Riddell

    20. Immunotherapy Based on Blocking T Cell Inhibitory Pathways

    Randy F. Sweis and Jason J. Luke

    21. Agonistic Antibodies to Co-Stimulatory Molecules

    Rebekka Duhen and Andrew D. Weinberg

    22. Immune Effects of Conventional Cancer Therapeutics

    Sandra Demaria and Lorenzo Galluzzi

    23. Oncolytic Viruses

    Larissa Pikor, John C. Bell, and Howard L. Kaufman

    24. Principles of Combination Immunotherapies

    Morganna Freeman, Raphael Moreira, Omid Hamid, and Patrick A. Ott


    Lisa H. Butterfield

    25. Introduction to Immune Function in Cancer Patients

    Lisa H. Butterfield

    26. Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells of Myeloid Origin

    Dmitriy W. Gutkin and Michael R. Shurin

    27. Intratumoral Gene Signatures and Host Genetic Variations Associated With Immune Responsiveness

    Davide Bedognetti, Zohreh Tatari-Calderone, Francesco M. Marincola, and Ena Wang

    28. Impact of Somatic Mutations on the Local and Systemic Antitumor Immune Response

    Paul F. Robbins and Stefani Spranger

    29. Tumor Antigen Profiling

    Robert Saddawi-Konefka and Jack D. Bui

    30. Assessment of Antitumor Immunity in Blood and Lymph Nodes

    Priyanka B. Subrahmanyam, Lisa H. Butterfield, Peter P. Lee, and Holden T. Maecker

    31. Regulatory T Cell Biology and Its Application in Cancer

    Ilona Kryczek, Timothy Frankel, and Weiping Zou

    32. Systemic Measures of Immune Function in Cancer Patients: Other Suppressive Cellular Mechanisms

    Raju R. Raval and William E. Carson III

    33. Circulating Mediators of Tumor-Induced Immune Suppression

    Theresa L. Whiteside

    34. The Multifaceted Roles of B Cells and Plasma Cells in Antitumor Immunity

    Maartje C. A. Wouters and Brad H. Nelson

    35. Systems Immunology Approaches to Cancer Immunotherapy

    Damien Chaussabel

    36. Tumor Microenvironment Metabolism as a Primordial Checkpoint in Antitumor T Cell Immunity

    Greg M. Delgoffe

    37. Age-Related Immune Function Changes as They Relate to Cancer Immunotherapy

    Graham Pawelec

    38. Clinical Measures: Imaging, Pseudoprogression, and Metabolism

    Max M. Wattenberg and Lawrence Fong


    Paolo A. Ascierto

    39. Introduction: General Approach to Cancer Immunotherapy—Lessons Learned From the Past Years

    Paolo A. Ascierto

    40. Immunotherapy in Melanoma

    Antonio M. Grimaldi, Michael Postow, and Paolo A. Ascierto

    41. Other Cutaneous Tumors: Basal Cell Carcinoma, Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and Merkel Cell Carcinoma

    Jürgen C. Becker and Selma Ugurel

    42. Immunotherapy in Genitourinary Malignancies

    Moshe C. Ornstein and Brian I. Rini

    43. Immunotherapy in Gastrointestinal Cancers

    Mihir M. Shah and Usha Malhotra

    44. Immunotherapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    Delia D’Avola, Ignacio Melero, and Bruno Sangro

    45. Immunotherapy for Gynecologic Malignancies

    Kunle Odunsi, Maria Agarwal, Thinle Chodon, and Cornelia L. Trimble

    46. Breast Cancer Immunotherapy

    Leisha A. Emens and Rita Nanda

    47. Lung Cancer

    Maria A. Velez, Yi-Long Wu, Steven M. Dubinett, Zhong-Yi Dong, Si-Pei Wu, and Edward B. Garon

    48. Head and Neck Cancer

    Nicole C. Schmitt and Robert L. Ferris

    49. Immunotherapy of Hematologic Malignancies: Lymphomas, Leukemias, and Myeloma

    John M. Timmerman and Patricia A. Young

    50. Brain Tumors

    Hideho Okada and Noriyuki Kasahara

    51. Sarcomas

    Paolo G. Casali, Silvia Stacchiotti, Dario Sangiolo, Chiara Castelli, and Angelo Paolo Dei Tos

    52. Pediatric Cancers: Neuroblastoma

    Maya Suzuki and Nai-Kong V. Cheung


    Raj K. Puri

    53. A Regulatory Perspective on Cell Therapy for Cancer: Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control, and Preclinical and Clinical Considerations

    Ke Liu, Robert Q. Le, Robert Sokolic, Thomas Finn, Brian Niland, Allen Wensky, and Raj K. Puri

    54. Gene Therapy-Based Immunotherapy Products for Human Clinical Trials: Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control, Preclinical and Clinical Considerations—An FDA Perspective

    Robert Sokolic, Xiaobin Lu, Ramjay Vatsan, Allen Wensky, Robert Q. Le, Ke Liu, and Raj K. Puri

    55. Regulatory Considerations for In Vitro Diagnostic Devices

    Pamela Bradley