Quality and Safety in Radiation Oncology

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Quality and Safety in Radiation Oncology

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Implementing Tools and Best Practices for Patients, Providers, and Payers

Adam P. Dicker MD, PhD
Tim R. Williams MD
Eric C. Ford PhD

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    Quality and Safety in Radiation Oncology provides an authoritative and evidence-based guide to the understanding and implementation of quality and safety procedures in radiation oncology practice. A detailed exploration and review of these standards is a necessary part of a radiation oncology professional’s competency, both in the clinical setting and at the study table while preparing for board review and MOC exams. This book is also essential for other members of the radiotherapy team, including for medical physicists implementing procedures and working with wide-ranging technologies and equipment and for dosimetrists and radiation therapists tailoring and carrying out safe and effective treatment plans.

    Chapter topics range from fundamental concepts of value and quality to specific technical consideration in the commissioning and use of equipment to the use of metrics to measure value. Chapters include perspectives on quality and safety from the patient, third-party payers, as well as from the federal government. Other chapters cover prospective testing of quality, training and education, error identification and analysis, incidence reporting, as well as special technology and procedures, including MRI-guided radiation therapy, proton therapy and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), quality and safety considerations in resource-limited environments, and more. Physicians, medical physicists, dosimetrists, radiation therapists, nurses, hospital administrators, vendors and other health care professionals will find this resource an invaluable compendium of best practices in radiation oncology.


    • Case examples illustrating best practices and pitfalls
    • Dozens of graphs, tables and figures which help illustrate and quantify the discussion of quality and safety throughout the text
    • Part II covers essential aspects of quality and safety procedures for the medical physicist
    • Includes examples of checklists to support best practices

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    • Publication Date August 17, 2016
    • Page Count 352
    • Product Form Paperback / softback
    • ISBN 13 9781620700747
    • EISBN

    Table of Contents





    Part I. Basic Concepts in Quality, Value, and Safety

    Tim R. Williams

    1. Introduction to Concepts in Quality, Value, and Safety for Health Care Systems

    Tim R. Williams and Alex Bastian

    2. Defining Value, American Style

    Alex Bastian, Yohan Cho, and Tim R. Williams

    3. Defining Value in European Health Care Systems

    Alex Bastian, Yohan Cho, and Tim R. Williams

    4. Systems Engineering and Process Control

    Ajay Kapur and Louis Potters

    5. Error Prevention and Risk Management

    Suzanne B. Evans and Derek Brown

    6. Quality, Value, and the Assessment of New Technology

    Ronald C. Chen, James R. Broughman, and Jeff M. Michalski

    Part II. Quality in Radiation Physics

    Eric C. Ford

    7. Equipment and Software: Commissioning From the Quality and Safety Perspective

    Indra J. Das and Aaron Andersen

    8. Equipment, Software, and Techniques for Quality Assurance

    Baozhou Sun and Eric E. Klein

    9. Quality Considerations in External Beam Radiotherapy Simulation and Treatment Planning

    Eric C. Ford

    10. Quality Considerations in Brachytherapy

    R. Adam B. Bayliss and Bruce R. Thomadsen

    11. Quality Considerations in Proton and Particle Therapy

    Brian Winey, Benjamin Clasie, and Yuting Lin

    12. Quality Assurance and Verification of Treatment

    Bernard L. Jones and Moyed Miften

    13. Plan Quality: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Kevin L. Moore

    14. Special Procedures and Equipment

    H. Harold Li, Michael B. Altman, and H. Omar Wooten

    15. Individual Patient-Based Peer Review for Photon and Proton Therapy

    Genevieve M. Maquilan, Henry K. Tsai, and Hiral P. Fontanilla

    16. Technical Issues of Safety in a Resource-Limited Environment

    Mary Coffey and Ola Holmberg

    Part III. Quality in the Clinical Practice Setting

    Adam P. Dicker

    17. Creating a Culture of Safety and Empowerment

    Dennis R. Delisle and Nicholas A. Thompson

    18. Clinical Testing of Quality and Safety Measures

    Kevin L. Moore and Arno J. Mundt

    19. Quality and Safety Training in Graduate Medical Education

    Erin F. Gillespie, Derek Brown, and Arno J. Mundt

    20. Training: How to Teach Quality and Safety

    Laura A. Doyle, Amy S. Harrison, and Yan Yu

    21. Making Metrics Matter

    Amy S. Harrison, Laura A. Doyle, and Yan Yu

    22. The Patient Perspective on Quality and the Role of the Patient in Safety

    Suzanne B. Evans and Sharon Rogers

    23. The Impact of Incidents: Reporting, Investigating, and Improving

    Jennifer L. Johnson and Suzanne B. Evans

    24. Medical Error Disclosure

    John Banja and Suzanne B. Evans

    25. Error Identification and Analysis

    Yan Yu, Laura A. Doyle, and Amy S. Harrison

    26. Introduction and History of Patient Safety Organizations: The Formation of a National Safety Program

    Tom Piotrowski

    27. Quality Assurance and Safety Requirements for Clinical Trials

    Ying Xiao, Stephen F. Kry, and David S. Followill

    28. Incident Learning Systems

    Gary Ezzell, Stephanie Terezakis, and Courtney Buckey

    29. Quality and the Role of the Dosimetrist and Therapist in Radiation Oncology

    Joumana Dekmak and Kathy Lash

    30. Quality and the Electronic Medical Record in Radiation Oncology

    James Mechalakos and Sonja Dieterich

    31. Quality and the Third-Party Payer

    Heather A. Curry

    Appendix: Quality Assurance and Patient Safety Checklists

    Checklist for Peer Review Paper

    External Beam Plan Checklist

    Plan Checks and Pretreatment Physics Quality Assurance Checks

    Checklist for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Treatment

    Time Out Checklist

    Checklist of a Gamma Knife Perfexion Daily Quality Assurance Example

    Checklist for Treatment Day Quality Assurance of Perfexion

    Checklist for Gamma Knife Perfexion Pretreatment

    Checklist for Treatment Delivery Quality Assurance of Perfexion Patients

    Checklist for Gammamed HDR Treatment

    Checklist for Commissioning